Wednesday, October 29, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 29 Whatever happened to Timeless Collectable Santas from Carol Bouquet Enterprise, Inc? PART DEUX: I think I found the problem.

So, just a few days ago I posted a blog about Timeless Collectibles Santa Claus addressing their loss of popularity and drop in price.

I think I've found a clue as to what happened.

I recently purchased two TC Santas on eBay and both have arrived just days apart.

Image from eBay
My first Santa to arrive was Noel, The Magical Santa, and if you recall I had to do a little "cosmetic surgery" on him.

Image from eBay.
Yes, I bought a Santa with no face!

Then my other TC Santa came in and there was a significant difference in the quality of the two dolls.

So today, Bejeweled Claus arrived in a much smaller box than Noel which also weighed significantly less. It seems Carol Bouquet Enterprises, Inc was producing inferior quality products.

To be fair,  perhaps they were make less expensive figures but why compromise your integrity when the larger and better constructed Santas were so desirable?

The fur on Bejeweled is "faux" (Oh, please...just say fake or acrylic) and there is definitely a lot more hot glue holding this one together.

The tapestry fabric is fraying and the mittens and boots are just made from a poly/cotton twill.

And they covered almost his entire face with a huge beard.

I decided to give it a little trim.  I heated up the glue with my trusty hairdryer and slid the beard down to the lowest part of his faceplate. At this point he resembled an Amish boxer because his nose is a bit off to one side.
Then I trimmed some hair from the lower part of his beard where it was the least noticeable and fashioned a mustache for him. He's so much more handsome now. 
Originally, Bejeweled Santa came with a bag of vintage "style" ornaments but this one didn't. You'd think he would since he was listed on eBay as NEW. Hmmmmmm.

Anyway, because I am not afraid to make necessary alterations in "limited edition" pieces, I will find something even better for his accoutrements.

And the jewel from which his name is derived. It is a small poorly made piece that holds his collar together...but I'm working on that as well.