Monday, October 27, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 27 We CAN Rebuild Him. We Have the Technology...and a glue gun!

Two days ago, I wrote a post on the diminishing popularity and decreased value of a once very expensive line of Santa figures called Timeless Collectibles created by Carol Bouquet Enterprises, Inc. in Kellogg, MN.

Photos from eBay listing
Today I received one of these Santas that I purchased off eBay.  I was concerned that it would not be as nice as my original Santa because the seller did not offer much in the way of a description. With minutes left on the auction, I took a chance and was thrilled when my Santa arrived. He has real fox or raccoon fur and the trademark Tibetan lamb hair beard.

And he is huge, at almost 20" tall.

In the photo from the eBay listing, I noticed something was not right about his face.

His beard was not attached symmetrically and that really bugged me.

So, when he arrived, the first thing I did (after taking his photo) was guess his beard off his face!


Really? I am a crafter and I have a pretty sound grip on the material, so I did it without fear because I knew I could make him better.

I used a hair dryer to soften the glue and pulled the extra piece away from his face.

There was excess pelt on one side of his face, so I tore it off the 3/4" or so piece off the beard along with another small piece that tore off when I was removing the beard.

I was able to soften the glue with the hair dryer and reattach the beard and the small pieces of hair.

However, I do plan to reinforce it with my glue gun which is out in my studio and I never got around to going out and getting it.

So much for the title of this post!

Basically, his mustache just needs to be finger combed into place. NEVER put glue ON your hair. It will yellow or turn brown.

Now, isn't that better?

The point is...if something is not right about your Santa and it CAN be fixed...then FIX it! 

I'm not talking about an artist original. If there is a problem with those, ask the artist if they will repair it.

So, don't let a crossed eye or missing limb hamper the enjoyment of you Santa; FIX IT!