Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 24 Days Kurt S. Adler Santa Claus Redux

Who doesn't love to accessorize!

Somewhere, I could have sworn I had already posted a blog featuring this particular Santa but I've either lost it or my mind...but probably both.

So, here goes all the things I thought I had blogged about this Kurt S. Adler Santa.

First...Let's talk about Kurt S. Adler, the leading importer of holiday decorations for over 65 years, and not Kurt Adler, the composer. Just so you know that there is a difference.

As an importer of some of the more quality decorative items, his company's products are generally very collectible.

This particular Santa just needed a bit extra. In my efforts to encourage my readers to add to their favorite Santas and create their own heirlooms, I felt this one was another good place to start.

Originally, he came with a bag of toys and a simple plastic bugle in his hand.

I've upgraded him a bit and I hope this is an encouragement to others who want to make their Santas extra special.

I spruced up the bag by adding a blown glass polar bear Coca-Cola ornament, moved the horn to the bag, added a shiny candy cane, and an older plastic nutcracker.

My personal favorite was adding a baby doll to his arms and classy green tassel ornament.

Even though she was in "played with" condition, she still added personality that some of the small porcelain dolls just could not do!

My favorite place for him is near the fireplace because the flickering flames reflected so beautifully off the sequin design on his coat.

I hope this give you some ideas!