CrEePy Clown JINGLES & His Little Mouse, MISTER OOAK Porcelain Circus Cl...

If you are a collector of my dolls, then you know the time and effort I put into them.
If this is first one of my CrEePy Clowns you've seen, then let me tell you about them.
Or you can check out many of my dolls online if you search for Geri G. Taylor (or g2taylor) OOAK CrEePy Clowns or Gothic Girl Porcelain Dolls.

OOAK CrEePy CLOWN "JINGLES & His Little Mouse, MISTER" by me, Geri G. Taylor.

100% of the PROCEEDS from this SALE will go to The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN where my favorite elephant, Shirley, lives.
This is #15 of many of my unique Gothic Girls (& Guys), CrEePy Clowns, and Memento Mori Zombie Babies doll I am releasing this year!

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