Heirloom Santa Claus Transformation from Cheap Tree Topper to Adorable OOAK with Candlestick Stand

I had this cheaply made tree topper Santa Claus with a porcelain head and hands and a plastic cone that was crushed.

I purchased him secondhand (in this condition) because I liked his porcelain head & hands, plus his coat and garland. I felt I could give him a few touch ups to make him more adorable!

First, I removed the entire broken cone and foam. Then I found a dowel that is approximately the same size as a taper candle and glued it inside the hole in the neck of the porcelain head.

I tried several of my candlesticks out for size (I collect wooden candlesticks) and I tried him out on some brass ones as well (but I really like those for displaying my glass tree toppers and ornaments) and I thought the proportion of the one I ended up with was the best for this Santa. Since the dowel sticks down in the candlestick like a taper candle, the Santa can easily be removed and the candlestick can be enjoyed all year!

Next, that ridiculous beard HAD TO GO!

I thought about keeping it without an additional beard, but I had just disassembled another Santa and I tried his beard made from a lamb pelt on for size. PERFECT!

Usually, I paint their faces, but I was working on several projects at the time I made him so I decided to leave his face in its original cuteness. However, I recommend adding that personal touch to your own Santas!

So...if you have some cheesy or damaged cone Santas who could use some dressing up...I recommend you try out this technique!