Friday, September 30, 2016

Victorian Memento Mori Inspired Gothic Zombie Babies

This is one of only two babies I will do in this fashion and that is to use several muted colors to create this skin texture. They wear me out!

First of all, this little cutie weighs in at approximately 10 and that is a lot more than my two boys weighed at birth!

His weight is due to the reptile sand I put in his arms, legs, head, and body.

I'm saying this baby is a "he", but can also a "she" depending the outfit.

The vintage Christening gown is what really seals the deal with this baby giving him/her the gothic look of a Victorian Memento Mori photo. Not to make light of the death of babies, I am more fascinated in the process and popularity of photographing the deceased during the Victorian period.

But he also looks adorable in contemporary clothing and can wear newborn baby clothing making him/her the perfect Halloween Zombie Prop or One Of A Kind Art Doll to add to your collection!

S/he is a baby you can enjoy year round!