Sunday, July 24, 2016

Three Little Dolls Dressed in Pink

I just love these little girls but my studio (and home) are so full of projects that I don't have room to display them. :( And I don't think my husband wants them in our bedroom. Our dining room and a big cabinet in our foyer are already over run with SANTAS as it is!

Growing up, my older sister had three Madame Alexander dolls: Scarlett O'Hara, Little Miss Muffet, and Little Bo Peep. We were not allowed to play with them. They were "displayed" on our dresser and the only "handling" allowed was when we dusted.

Except that I was a rebellious child and I snuck a play ever now and then. ;)

But we cherished the little booklet that came with them and fantasized about collecting ALL of the mini dolls. Especially the Little Women sisters.

My mother reminded me the other day that my sister and I shared a full sized bed even when she was in college. You'd think we'd be closer...but right now we aren't speaking based on a "difference of opinion". Her decision, not mine. I still love her!

But I digress.

Anyway, I had a friend in high school who had a HUGE collection of Madame Alexander dolls! I asked her if she ever played with them and she, too, was instructed to not play with them because they were for display only. :(

So, when I happened upon this sweet little Amy doll at a thrift store (sans shoes) I just had to buy her to "play" with her. But really, I've only actually displayed her so now I'm putting her along with her little friends on eBay in hopes of finding them a new home and hopefully, one where Amy can be played with!

The doll on the left is all porcelain and has the sweetest face, much like that of the Madame Alexander mini dolls. She's still sort of on my "hope she doesn't sell" list because she's just SO adorable! But I don't have anywhere to display her, so...

The one on the right is a 1999 Uneeda Precious Expressions doll. Normally, these babies come with only a little bit of beads but that makes them too floppy so I modified her and added some stuffing so that she could sit up and hold her cute little head up.

I have two sons, grown now, so I never had the chance to play dolls but I can tell you a lot about Star Wars and Batman action figures!

Still, there is something about dolls that still make me smile and really want to play with them.

So, when I start posting my ZOMBIE BABIES again, I want you to remember this image, and that not all dolls are scary!