Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 36 Days A Little Lamb Can Make A Difference

I've had this Santa for a couple of years AND I've also had the vintage (or vintage style) lamb for equally as long. Both purchased at my local Goodwill so I have to send a shout out to whoever donated these two, because I am certainly enjoying them. Thank you!

The little lamb, as I mentioned, is either vintage like these German primitive putz (Christmas village) matchstick sheep, or a very good reproduction. Either way, I think he's adorable!

Available on eBay

So, seeing that this little lamb really needed a place to be (other than just standing off by himself) I decided to pair him up with someone and I found this particular Santa suited his style similar vintage appearance.

See what a difference!

Then I noticed the American flag in the back of the sleigh was not prominent enough (but the lamb is enjoying looking at it) so I did a little rearranging!

See? Better, don't you think?

Just because it came from the store or shop one way, does not mean it always has to be that way! These little personal touches will make your Santa extra special so, go ahead, make it your own!