Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 23 Days I BRAKE for THRIFT STORES

Today, while traveling to south Louisiana, I had to stop a couple of time to stretch my legs and get my blood flowing. One thing about having fibromyalgia and arthritis is how painful car trips are on my back, legs, and feet. Not to mention how sleepy I get with the November sun so low in the sky shining in my eyes.

I was traveling through Vidalia, Louisiana on my way towards Natchez checking out both sides of the street for a place to stop and eat that wasn't "fast food".

I spotted a church run thrift store (can't recall which saint it was named after) and did a "Yewie" (How do you spell that word that means a U-turn? Hmmmmm) to see what goodies they had to offer.

I used to brake for antique shops but now I don't do it as much to shop, but as to do research. This way, when I find a "treasure" at a thrift store, I'll have an idea of its "worth".

Which brings me to this much is something worth? Of course, I get excited about something I pick up at a thrift store for $2 and find out the same item is selling for ten times that on eBay. I feel what something is worth depends on how much fun it is for me to "find" and how little I actually spend on it.

Thank goodness for Thrift Shops!

I believe a typical antique shop is for "displaying" collectibles for sale at generally competitive prices but a thrift shop, whose goal is to keep the items donated from piling up, prefers to sell cheap and fast making more money off quantity that quality. Obviously, I like to support that whole "quantity" thing and have to admit that I enjoy wheeling around a cart full of cools stuff!

After my brief stop in Vidalia, I went on to Natchez, MS and hit a few shops downtown including St. Andrews.

Natchez really is an adorable town decorated for the holidays with a Christmas tree right in the middle of an intersection! There are several antique shops, a consignment store, and a thrift store downtown tucked in amongst the other shops and NON "fast food" restaurants.

I did manage to find some fancy bath salt in the thrift store (sometimes, I just like to pamper myself) and I only had time to briefly walk through a couple of shops.