Thursday, December 11, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 15 Days Santa's Little Helpers...Guardians of the Galaxy and Other Fun Times with Family

Guardians of the Galaxy

Sometimes you just need a little help getting through the Holiday Season filled with Joy...and I'm not talking about the dishwashing liquid!

Well, I had some fun watching Guardians of Galaxy with my sons. Of course, they didn't offer to take me when it came to the theater! But snuggled on the sofa with a fire flickering the gas fireplace made it even more special!

This is a great family movie. With the exception of some--how did they put it?--cartoon violence, it is action packed with awesome effects and very likable characters...with the exception of how-they-say-it-in-the-biz...a seriously undeveloped antagonist. Plus, the writers could have done more with Drax and his dialogue. If you have a character who speaks so profoundly, then by all means, let him speak! Groot had more dialogue than this thesauric character. (I made thesauric up, so I should get credit for it!)

But Rocket is my favorite! Not that Chris Pratt doesn't bring it! I am just a bit biased.

When I was a little girl I had a pet Raccoon named Raquel and I have to give kudos to the CG Arteeests who really captured the constantly moving hands and curled up nose of Rocket's facial expressions. Bradley Cooper deserves an Academy Award! 

Thank you Oreo and friends for making this possible. 

"WHO?" do you ask is Oreo? 

Read the credits! 

Thanks to all those involved who brought Stan Lee's characters to life. If you weren't familiar (as I wasn't) with the Guardian of the Galaxy comic book series...well, now you know at bit about it. If you are a diehard fan of the series, please...let us newbies just enjoy a fun family film.