Friday, December 12, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 13 Days Santa's Little Helpers...American Horror Story "Coven" the Holiday SpecialS

Who knew?

I decided to catch up on the season of American Horror Story "Coven" that I refused to watch on television because I am sick of commercials.

Did you get that TV executives! SICK of them!

I'm a bit spoiled to Netflix and I am pretty sure I can no longer follow a weekly show because I would probably forget most of what happened the week before and be like "HUH?" especially with the complexities of this show.

The American Horror Story series are not only wonderfully written with outrageously developed characters who are superbly portrayed by amazing talent...the cinematography is spot on! It is so visually appealing (or unappealing) that I find it very difficult to decorate for visual "happenings" taking place. In fact, I had to turn OFF the TV so I could blog. I don't want to miss a frame!

But is is the appropriate source of entertainment one should indulge in while decorating the house for Christmas?

Probably not!

But, I just love it!

So, KUDOS to my favorite ladies: Kathy Bages, Jessica Lang, and Angela Bassett! You did a fantastic job bringing these characters to life.

I'd hate to offend theses lovely ladies by saying they are perfect for these roles but Damn, guurrrllzzz! you are all so incredibly skilled at your "craft" (just trying to be punny) and I am really enjoying this series.