Monday, December 15, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 10 Days Yet It Still Feels Like a Monday

I haven't done much in the way of Christmas shopping this year. I ordered some gifts off the internet and I've picked up a few little of presents to put under the tree...if only I could just find my tree skirt!

Decorating has been rather challenging for me lately and I think it is time I come to the realization that neither my husband nor my two sons are going to be much help with this either now or in the future.

It looks like it is time to pay a college kid...wait a minute...I HAVE a college help me retrieve boxes from their hiding places.

It saddens me that my family doesn't care to participate in the decorating, the cooking, the cleaning, organize the family portrait, etc...voluntarily. Even worse, they won't do it for money.

As if the arthritis and fibromyalgia weren't bad enough.


I did a little shopping therapy today, and something that I've been wanting finally came available on eBay at an affordable price.

The really strange thing is that it did not come up under a regular search and it is amazing I found it at all.

I do love Dee Gann Santas and I am inspired by her talent.  I found two reproductions this year that I was able to purchase and today, I found a third with Dee's signature that had a starting bid that was in my budget but I got this feeling (and I've learned to listen to that "feeling") that if I did not just go ahead with the buy it now price...I would regret it.

So, now I am waiting for this fellow to join my other two!

He's actually very different from the Santas I usually collect. His coat is rather formal.

I do with my Dee Gann Santas the same as my other Santas by "adding" things to them. Basically, I love Dee's faces. All of her Santas (and other figures) have such great expressions. So, adding a few more vintage trinkets and toys doesn't take away from her just makes him more special to me.