Saturday, December 27, 2014

Belated Merry Christmas....

Well, I composed a blog post on Christmas Day but apparently I forgot to actually POST it!

It is time for Creative Daze With Geri to return to the style of blog for which is was originally intended, as a place for me to post a variety of creative outlets.

But, before I leave the realm of Santas...I want to post about one last eBay "FAIL" when it comes to sorry sellers.

Recently, I was SOOOOO excited about a Dee Gann Santa that I found on eBay that was an ORIGINAL SIGNED  by DEE!!!! for only $65 (Buy it Now) so, of course, being a lover of all things Dee Gann, I jumped right on it.

What a great deal! Right?
I was meant to have it! Right?


It was a reproduction with a large tag attached to his hat that clearly stated that it was reproduced by House of Hatten.

Now, I love Dee Gann's Santas and he is very pretty, but I have a rather extensive collection so if I wanted to buy another reproduction I would have just stuck to the bid amount of $25.  But I really believed that it was an original because the seller said it was and they failed to mention there was a tag attached or provide any other photos of the Santa.

Look, there are some shady people on eBay and I seem to be finding more than my fair share!

Because this woman was being so completely unfair about her return policy (even though the she was clearly at fault), I had to seek help from eBay's resolution center. So...he will be shipped back to the seller (return shipping covered by eBay I suppose) but that doesn't erase the amount of stress this seller put me through.

At some point,  you don't know if someone is being innocent, ignorant, or just a damn liar.

Since being a liar usually involves claiming innocence or ignorance as their first defense.

But being one to find a silver lining in my ever darkening cloud of doom...I had some fun with him while he was visiting my home. In keeping with my "making my own heirloom Santas", I added a few things to him.

I added a vintage baby doll. The details in his tiny sweater were perfect for this particular style Santa. Dee Gann loads her originals up with vintage toys and dolls, so I wanted to do the same.

A pair of doll glasses was just thing to give him a more bespectacled appearance. As it turns out, it is rather difficult to match the right sized glasses to the right proportioned face. Its a good thing I'm not an ophthalmologist.

Every Santa needs a bear, and in this case, a Boyd's angel bear tucked nicely in his arms.

I added a vintage style pocket watch/pendant. In spite of the doll missing a head (I would have made a head if I kept him) he's a pretty nice looking guy. He'll be missed, but it is time for him to go to another collector who I hope will fix him up nicely.