Friday, November 14, 2014

Countdown to Xmas: 40 Days Why Would There Not Be "CHRIST" in Christmas?

Had we in America held the tradition of Saint Nicholas Day on December 6th, perhaps confusing Jesus's "birthday" with the eve Santa Claus slips into our homes and leaves gifts under the Christmas (AKA Winter Solstice) tree, perhaps we could keep "Christ" in Christmas and celebrate Jesus's birthday on a day all to itself.

I tend to send cards that say "Happy Holidays" because I like to encompass the new year into the greeting as well. Still, the holiday IS called Christmas...PERIOD.

If you DON'T want to say "Christmas" then I think you shouldn't be allowed to celebrate it.

My, but don't we have enough stress over the holidays? So many expectations and now we have to watch our tongue as to how we greet someone during the time of the year where the cold (in most areas) makes us want to stay in our homes, but the holiday season encourages us to get out and about.

Now, if I had my preferences, I'd stick good Ol' Santa smack dab in the middle of his own holiday and let the time for celebrating the birth of Christ stand on its own.

Albeit, Saint Nicholas was an actual person, I still like the idea of Santa Claus and all the legends and traditions that have developed through the world regarding his generosity and/or discipline.

But there is one thing I am curious about is the connection between Santa Claus and Jesus in the manger and Noah's Ark. Who started that legend/tradition?

I can see's the beard thing, right? But how do we even know Noah had a long white beard?

I'm confused.

And I would say that anything that predates the actual Saint Nicholas just doesn't work logistically.

But I'll share some cute Santas with Jesus and Santas/Noahs and the Ark that I've found on the internet with you anyway.

What is Santa Claus Doing Next to Baby Jesus

"Some even argue that telling children that Santa Claus is real is not only a lie, but fear that when the children find out that Santa Claus is not real they may believe that Jesus is not real as well. I do see the difficulty in lying to children even for the sake of celebration. In my family we had to make some decisions about how to handle this."

The opinion from the previous link may be an interesting dinner party top of conversation, as will this opinion of the link between Santa and Noah on

"One the biggest reasons I rejected a belief in Santa Claus as a child was the seemingly impossible task of his toy delivery run. If one does the math Santa Claus would need in order to satisfy all children would have to deliver toys at the rate of 4000 deliveries per second. Some children still continue to buy it, "well that is because Santa Claus is magic" is the answer given to many children when they query the parents about Santa's impossible work schedule on Xmas eve. The same argument applies to Noah in his quest to round up two of every species of wild animal he would need to break the sound barrier like how did he manage to get those two toed sloths from South America moving faster than the speed of sound in a hasty attempt to round them up to get them about the ark? Saying Noah was magic like parents lie to their children about Santa Claus does not seem to wash with me."

As George Michael said, "You've got to have faith!" or was that someone else?


Ed Pribyl "Noah's Ark Santa"
Found on Pinterest

Jim Shore's "Santa with Noah's Ark"
Nostalgic Noah's Ark Woodcarved Santa
I think it is rather conflicted that we try to wrap the Christmas season up in a neatly wrapped box with a shiny bow. It is complicated, and for those who do not chose to believe or celebrate with those who embrace this season of compassion and generosity, don't ruin it for those of us who do.

And if you can't bring yourself to say "Merry Christmas", please at least try saying "Peace on Earth, and Good Will Toward Men".

Be good to each other.