Saturday, November 1, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 53 Days So Much To Do


There is nothing like trying to start a new blog goal and waking up to the busiest day you can imagine. Today was both Louisiana Tech's and Ruston High's homecoming and I had company all day. So here it is, way past my bedtime, and I am just now getting to my post.

I have a rather large to do list between now and Christmas Day, but don't we all.

The first thing I need to do is figure out how to add a countdown to my blog.  Technology can get a bit overwhelming this late at night.

Usually this time of year I am well into learning a new Christmas musical program or trying to recall all the words (and notes) to Handel's Messiah. Unfortunately, I've had to give up singing. One to many bouts with bronchitis has really affected those high, long notes. This still leaves a big empty place in my heart when I realize the "daze" between Halloween and New Years can really fly by without significant events like your elementary school age child's holiday recital or the annual visit to see Santa and have a photo taken with him. 
But I digress...

So, tomorrow, not only do I have to dust the Santas that I keep up all year long, but I have to put away all the Halloween and non-Santas and prepare for my holiday decorating which includes a short stint on the mantle, buffet, and dining table for the turkeys and pilgrims.

Steph McCombie, Photographer
Steph McCrombie, Photographer
HOLIDAY POINTER: One trick I like to do while decorating my home for the holidays is as I unpack a box of Santas or other holiday decor, I repack that box with my regular decorations and attach a note of what is inside.

Now, I use the term "regular" loosely. I love to change out my decor. There was a time when I would change out my decorations monthly.

My Santa crafting challenge of the day was to find vintage or vintage style brooches to add to all the Santas I either make or remake.

eBay proved more fruitful than my local thrift stores today, but I'll be keeping my eye out for the perfect bling for each of my Santas to give them my own little signature.