Sunday, November 2, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 52 Days Santa Collectors dot Com

When you have time...LOTS of time, check out

Angie McKaig has created a very entertaining and educational site that any fan of the jolly man is going to want to add to their favorites.

Anyway, in attempt to give credit to both Kati, the artist of these beautiful one of a kind Santas, and Angie, whose affection for collectible Santas and her diligence in spreading the word about her favorites, I have included links to both sites.

Picnic with Santa

Each of Kati's Santas figures is telling a story of his own. Her attention to detail and choices of accessories are as unique as each of the Santas she creates.

Doesn't this Santa (no longer available) bring to mind the little ditty "Teddy Bears Picnic"?
Steph McCrombie, Photographer
HOLIDAY POINTERS: When dusting Santa sculptures such as these, start by using a soft bristle clean craft paint brush or make-up brush to gently brush away dust from the hard surfaces. Then I suggest you wrap them snugly in tulle or a laundry bag with the pull cords, and fasten the "bag" securely. Use your vacuum's dusting brush and, if possible, adjust your vacuum to low. Do this ONLY when absolutely necessary and avoid "tugging" on the beard and real fur.

If you are displaying Heirloom Santas and decorations year round, invest in a glass front cabinet placed away from direct sunlight.

Due to lack of space in my recent home, I am down to two cabinets: my main cabinet houses mostly chalk ware Santas, some Valiant court, some by other artists, but mostly those I painted. And the second is really my china cabinet.