Monday, November 3, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 51 Days Santas I Don't Collect

I know that it's hard for you to believe that with over 1000 Santa Claus figures and ornaments in my collection, there are some artists I do not collect.

Lynn Haney was one of the first Santa Claus figure artists whose work I could identify immediately. His smooth skinned and practically expressionless Santas do have a haunting beauty. His emphasis on detail creates the type of Santa Claus that I admire, but even his reproductions are too expensive for me to collect.

However, this post on eBay makes purchasing an instant collection for less than what one can cost is rather tempting.

16 Lynn Haney Santas 1992-2004 Many Retired
Perhaps it is because I enjoy a variety of faces and expressions that I would rather have ten $20 Santas versus one $200, and if/when I have $200 to spend on Santas, I usually go for quantity. There is something about a buffet layered with a varied of different Santas that appeals to me more than one centerpiece Santa.

Marmee & Company
I realize this stems from my collection of holiday magazine images that illustrate less is less and more, well it's MORE!

Byer's Santa Claus and Caroling figures are another series of collectibles with a very distinctive look. They are cute and more affordable than the Lynn Haney Santas but they never were my thing. However, if one just happens to show up at Rolling Hills or another of my favorite thrift shops, I think I could squeeze him in.

Retired Byers Carolers and Santas

When storing your cherished collectible figures, toss some cedar balls, blocks or a pleasantly scented bugdeterrent sachet in the box along with them.

NEVER mix fragile ornaments with heavy resin pieces. I generally don't wrap every ornament as if I am shipping them across the country but I do have divided boxes where I sort out heavy, light, breakable and fabric. 

I usually buy fresh white tissue at the after Christmas sale and use it for my large pieces. I wrap my ornaments in deli wrap. It comes in different sizes and is very handy in its pop-up dispenser. And finally, LABEL every box! And stack them heaviest to lightest. This way I can carry manage the lighter boxes and let my husband or son's bring up the heavy ones.