Friday, November 7, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 47 Days Touching Up an Already Awesome Little One of a Kind Santa.

Next to Sean Bean, I'd say Ray Winstone, another fabulous actor from the other side of the pond well known for character being killed off, that would make a great Santa Claus...or Kris Kringle.

Just look at those crinkled eyes and rosy cheeks!

But I'm off on another tangent after seeing him BRIEFLY in the movie "Hugo"... in which he was killed off.

Speaking of cute Santas...

I purchased some Santas from a seller on eBay and this little guy was in the group.

He is only about 9" tall. His beard was rather schmooshed when I took him out of the box, and his clothes were disheveled, but I fluffed him up a bit before this photo.

His sweet little sculpted (or modified press mold) face seems to be madefrom polymer product.

 His tiny hands are from a press mold where the thumb can be on either side.

I saw that he had a tiny belt and buckle, but on closer examination, I discovered that it was the wristband from a lady's watch.

This is a very clever accessory but it doesn't reach completely around the back of this Santa's tummy. I think it would have been better to have just left the watch face on the wristband/belt versus gluing the pieces on the side.

I find a lot of ornaments that make great toys for Santa to carry. This drum was mostly likely an ornament or maybe it was a piece from a floral pick, but the hole was rather obvious.

One think I really liked about this Santa was his handmade boots that are most likely sculpted from polymer clay.

And the tiny oranges are only about a quarter of an inch, yet each one is textured and has a little dimple on the bottom.

I tiny wrapped present sits at this feet that is rather sturdy, perhaps wood? His color pallet is one of my favorites with the light green tunic/jumpsuit :) and his red and gold quilted coat. Each corner of the half inches squares is accented by a tiny gold bead.

His spray of gold twigs (are these for spanking bad children?) are lightly glittered, and his wreath (although shedding leaves and berries) is the appropriate scale.

I am always on the lookout for things to use when adding accessories to my Santas.

I chose this box with the goose, the tiny white reindeer that probably came from a vintage floral spray, but I am still not sure about the snowman.

Finally, I gave his head a little tilt and, to me, this gives him that little extra bit of personality.


Don't be afraid of "playing" with your Santa. add or remove items to make him more to your liking. You can always photograph him in his original attire in the event you every want to sell him.

Thread a needle! I don't really care for the look of hot glue all over everything