Saturday, November 8, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 46 Days Creating a Generous Bag of Toys for Your Heirloom Santa: Vintage Dolls

I derive just as much pleasure finding the perfect toys for my Santas as I do decorative my tree, or home for that matter, with meaningful trinkets.

I recently purchased a few lots of vintage baby dolls and dolls that were the appropriate proportion for the Santas I generally make. I was looking for dolls that need "TLC"because I knew my purposes were to make them look like new toys and I didn't want to change the appearance of a mint or near mint representation of our history.
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For example, this lot of dolls (the tallest is only 6" long) appear to need a little make-over, but I do the least bit I could in order to preserve their vintage appeal. The one on the left could use a diaper and maybe add some eyes, the smallest I would swaddle in a blanket and tie a bow around it, and largest, I would try to brush of as much dirt possible with a dry craft brush and tuck it into Santa's bag.

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I believe scale is important but I really feel that toys and gifts should reflect the period of the Santa or St. Nicholas figure.

In other words, I hate to see a basketball on a Bellsnickle, or a contemporary Santa with a vintage toy.

Available on eBay
You might have to glue the loose limbs in place fi you do not know who to repair the doll. This will make them rigid, but after all, they are mean to be decorative. In the case of the one with the missing limb, I think I have a doll like that and I can cast a mold. I wouldn't want to cant's molds for dolls with sleeping eyes or those that still have their hair. BU the good news is that I will giving these babies a new purpose.

I'll end with this one doll who came with a batch of dolls I purchase from Canada. The photo from the eBay post did not do her justice.