Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 43 Days Kathy Tate Davis and Her One of a Kind Okra Pod Art

I got one of those "FEELINGS" that I had to stop by one of my favorite thrift shops in Ruston, LA. It provides a work place and support of members of our community, much like that of Goodwill, but it is privately owned.

I dropped by to see if they had put out any Christmas decorations and boy did I hit pay dirt!  Actually, the tall tree and a few of the ornaments are from yesterday, but the large Santa figure, etc. are from today's haul.

But I will blog more about that later because TODAY I want to talk about one very unusual find.

This little elf still has his tag (although stained) and was created in 2007.  I wanted to take advantage of my blog to share with you what I've learned about the artist, Kathy Tate Davis.

First of all we are "practically" neighbors! She lives in Coushatta, LA and I have a camp on the southern end of Lake Bistineau near Ringgold, LA.

Second, she and I got into crafting about the same time. Me in 1992, and she in 1993. Where I have jumped around from art to crafts to acting to photography and back to crafts, she has made quite a name for herself with her favorite materials, OKRA, and her talent is well displayed in her work.

I often find it a bit comical calling myself a Gourd Artist, but Kathy has me beat.

"So what do YOU do?"
"I'm an Okra Artist?"
"Oh...wait, a WHUUUUT?"

I can definitely see how Kathy is inspired by the odd twists and turns of the dried pieces of okra. Much like a gourd, if you shake them, they rattle! Which makes them even MORE adorable!


Check out her Etsy page to learn more about Kathy and her see what she has available.

It looks like Kathy and I share our interest for all things holiday related. You've just got to love the faces she creates on her colorful and clever little characters. Take a gander at some of her Halloween figures and I'll bet you'll think they look like someone you know. SPOOPY!

I found some more of her images on Pinterest and on her Facebook page. But if you really want to scroll through her some of her amazing pieces, check out Georgia's Gift Shop Facebook page.