Tuesday, October 7, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 7 Finding a Santa Claus in Anything

Creating a Santa from anything and everything is the trend. I know, because I've found Santa in a number of unusual things including two Kalhua bottles.

I recently purchased these three Santas from an estate sale because I will buy just about handcrafted Santa I find. I have to applaud this artist for "finding" the Santas in these two pieces of dried cypress (I think) and a seashell. I've seen a lot of oyster shell and starfish Santas (I've even painted some myself) and sand dollar, and driftwood...etc., but I really like this artist's take on the spindle shell.

I just love the way this artist found the cape in this piece of weathered wood and the way Santa is pointing at something. The star of Bethlehem perhaps?

During my years of Santa crafting and attending shows, I have heard many, many times that is was all about the face, especially the eyes, that appeal to collectors.

This artist did not put a lot of effort into the face, but the shell and smaller piece of cypress do have quite a comical expression. Unfortunately, the larger on looks a bit deranged.

Even though I am VERY tempted to touch it up...I will respect the artist's vision.

Speaking of artist...for heaven's sake...SIGN AND DATE YOUR WORK!

All I have for this artist is his/her initials on the bottom of the largest one.

So, if anyone knows a Santa Claus crafter back in 1996 whose initials are B.G., please let me know.

Here are some Santa ornaments I crafted from slices of a cypress knee. I found these in a one gallon bag at a garage sale and probably only paid a dollar or two.

I've been painting this style of ornament since 1993.

Most of these cypress slice Santas were sold at the 2013 Holiday Arts Tour in Ruston, LA. And yes, they are signed and dated.

Now, I must get dressed and ready for my day. There is nothing like working in your pajamas but it is time to put on carpentry wardrobe because I am still working on my lake house while my husband is off.

We have owned this lake front property in a nice neighborhood on Lake Bistineau, LA for two years and we are still working on it. It's a long story and involves a criminal case...but what renovation doesn't? Believe me, this adventure deserves a blog of its own!

So, I have attached a photo of the house at some point in the remodeling process. This was out Christmas photo two years ago. That is how long this process it taking.

However, we do have one of the bedrooms completed and the bathroom. What else could we possibly need?

I'm looking forward to my husband returning to his real job so that I can get back to work on my Santas!

Sorry, Honey.