Monday, October 6, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 6 Bill Evans One of a Kind Woodcarvings

Another day of working on the lake house, so no Santa crafting for me, plus I have to keep this short! I only have until my husband finished his second cup of coffee and his breakfast yogurt to get this post finished before I'm off to work.

However, I do want to tell you a bit about my collection and the amazing woodcarvings by Bill Evans. Without going into a lot of details about Mr. Evans (you can find that on his website at, I want to talk about why I began collecting his work.

Santas aren't the only thing I collect. The shelves on each end and the brass candle holder with the red candle are Ross Lindblad originals. He once had a studio in Ruston, LA and created lovely cabinets, furniture, lamps, and decorating accessories. I actually have a collection of his work that includes four table lamps. 
I used to live in San Antonio and Del Rio, TX and in November or December I would visit Wimberley, TX during their Market Days on the first Saturday of the month. This was when the vendors started bringing out their vintage Santas, bottle brush trees, and ornaments. I just love it, and the weather is usually wonderful that time of year.

For a few years, there was an adorable little shop within walking distance of the market. It was a Christmas themed shop that sold Anthony Costanza, Paul Bolinger, Lyn Haney, and other hand crafted originals.

The one to the left is carved
from a cypress knee
Unfortunately, the store didn't make it, but during its heyday, I was able to purchase some pricey pieces by some of the lesser known artist, but I will get to that later. The point to this digression is PRICE. I'm talking hundreds to thousands for original hand carved pieces.

So, in 2000, I found Bill Evans carved Santas on eBay at very reasonable starting bids. Mr. Evans has definitely created his own style and has given his Santas a serious expression. At the time I bought my first pieces, I can't remember if he had a website or not, but now his work can be seen all year long and it is still very affordable (approximately $7/inch) PLUS he does custom orders!

I encourage everyone take a look at his website and add one of his beautiful works of art to your holiday decor or Santa Claus collection.

Happy SANTA CLAUS crafting and collecting!