Thursday, October 30, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 30 I'm not always a SHOPAHOLIC...but October is a great chance for Christmas Bargains...if you are willing to hunt for them.

I have a lot of small trees that I bought several years ago at a 90% off Christmas sale. I haven't used them like I hoped I would because I think they are just lacking something. So last night I got this idea that I would take pretty glass beads and fashion my own mini ornaments.

Today, I needed some "therapy" to help me deal with the failing health and decline of my nearly fourteen year old LabraWeimer, Hero. She was at the vet for two days and I missed her so very much even with knowing she should be coming home soon. So, I went shopping at my all time favorite store, Rolling Hills Ministry Thrift store.

So, getting back to my idea to fashioning ornaments from beads, the volunteers had recently put out several sun catchers with unusually crafted beads.

I bought all they had because the many of the beads on each strand would make great ornaments.

Even though I started this post late last night, I had to do most of the work on it this morning because I was too exhausted to type.

Over my past couple of visits to Rolling Hills and another church run thrift shop, First West, in West Monroe, LA, I found several small toys that work great with my Santas and some fabric in the form of remnants, placemats, two pillow shams, and a table runner that will make wonderful Santa attire.

To give you an idea of size, the tallest doll in the background is only a8-9" tall. I'll keep updates on either these blog posts or others under my to keep you updated on how I modified the toys or used them as is to enhance my holiday decorations.

The winter holiday, whether it be Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or however we choose to snuggle in during the long winter nights, is a celebration of abundance. It is definitely the time of year where our homes are filled with colorful, collectible, and festive decorations, our hearth with the warmth of glowing embers, and as fragrant delectables from the kitchen, we anticipate the time of year where generosity flows from our hearts.

I decorate my Santas the way some people decorate their trees.
Photo from eBay auction

I couple of days ago, I received these two Santas from an eBay seller. I must say, he is very inspiration. I love to make the faces, but when you start getting into costumes, I get a bit frustrated. If you recall, I hate my temperamental sewing machine, but I do love being the assistant to a fabulous theatrical costumer so I know I can make just about anything I put my mind and patience to.

I have a "collecting" disorder, and two of my MANY collections happen to be candlesticks and industrial textile spools, so I think you see where I am going with this.

Anyway...I took one and gave him a few accessories.

Face it, Santa, if you have arms...I'm putting you to work!

As you can see, I kept to his bright red and more contemporary color scheme.

This is really more fun than you can imagine. Because ornaments are usually affordable and easy to find, I hope you have a great time decorating your Santa figures.  It is yours, do whatever you want with it

photo from eBay auction

I purchased this lot a while back with the intention of giving the tallest Santa a face lift. I did not think I would like his felt costume, but when I received him, I think that his coat may be a wool felt versus polyester or at least it looks that way.

So, later I found this wonderful auction of felt ornaments just minutes from ending with no bids.

Photo from eBay auction

They are the perfect accoutrements to this handsome Santa Claus. I also replaced his sisal wreath with a larger jingle bell wreath from another auction.

The lamb at this feet and the carousel horse due for a repaint, is still under consideration.

Photo from eBay auction

This cutie pie received a nutcracker, a barn, and a sheep pull toy.

He still has his basket, it just isn't showing the photo. I am looking for small things to fill it.
sorry, a bit out of focus

Yesterday, I found a very simple tree topper Santa for $1.99 at Goodwill.

I added two porcelain dolls that I found on I just thought it seemed befitting to add Goodwill dolls to a Goodwill Santa.

Now it appears this Santa is either delivering dolls or abducting children.  I'm going to have to work on this.

And finally, my beautiful Dee Gann (replica) Santa arrived in the mail. I have added nothing to him but that glittered Silent Night sign he's holding might have to go in a box.