Wednesday, October 22, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 22 Saving Santas

Often I find damaged, mass produced, or just plain unattractive Santas on my hunt and I want to collectors and crafters to consider this.

Don't look at what is wrong with it, look at what is right.

I just found this handsome Santa figure on eBay and offered a reasonable amount which was accepted  just minutes before the item closed out.

His little paint scuffed face just said, "Save me!" so I decided I would try.

Look past that he is on a tree topper stand and that he has no body, his scraggly yellow beard, fake fur, and the fact that one had is damaged and the other is missing.

Notice that he does have a nice wardrobe with a lot of detail, and a sculpted face with a lot of personality. His beard is natural sheep's wool (or lamb hair) so there is a lot I can do for him. Of course, he has to come in the mail first.

I will update this post when he does and I have worked on him.  

Repairing/replacing his hands should be easy; however, I want to maintain the decorative pieces. Adding toys, a wreath, or tree will help as well.

Because I have crafted Santas for years, I usually have some lamb hair in my studio that I can fill in his beard with. He will need to have his mustache removed because the glue has yellowed so badly, but there are glues that work well and do not yellow that I will use to replace a new mustache.

He has a few skinned places on this nose that looks like a repaint will fix, plus I think he needs a bit more blush being that he is out in the cold. i can not tell if he has eyelashes, but I can always add some.

The fake fur trim around his coat can be easily replaced with real rabbit fur, are bits from an old mink coat. If I decide to use his original fake fur, I can mist it with water and fluff up any crushed areas.

Don't give up on your well worn Santas. It is best that you try to repair them or send them to someone who can, especially if they are sentimental.

Check back daily, there is more to come, along with updates on older posts.