Friday, October 17, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 17 We interrupt this blog to bring you ZOMBIE BABIES

That's what I said, Zombie Babies!

I posted on an earlier blog about how my search for glass eyes for my Santas brought up references to "Reborn Babies" and I started searching through images of these lifelike dolls. Well, some of the better ones looked like actual babies.

Something else kept popping up in my search, and that was Reborn Zombie Babies. Then I started looking on eBay and Etsy where there are a variety of styles.


So, instead of working on Santas like I am SUPPOSED to be doing...I have been painting my own Zombie Baby.

My very first Zombie Baby is named after Michonne, as in The Walking Dead. 

But in my version, She was one bad@$$ Zombie Killer until one of the Unbit grabbed her Samurai sword and took a couple of good swipes at her. Obviously, she didn't make it.

Now she'll reek havoc like never before, and she won't even need her sword!

The thing in her stomach is her voice box.

She used to say a little bedtime prayer, but with the battery running down it sounded a bit creepy

When I bought her she had two cute little ponytails, was "nekkid "and looked a bit played with. I don't think anyone will be "playing" with her now!

The first thing I did was cut out her eyes...GROSSSS!...and replaced them with clear glass marbles.

After I re-styled to her hair and teased up the bangs and strands of hair in the back to make it look like patches of hair.

Then I sprayed a gray primer for plastic all over her head and body.

Because her hair was so silky and shiny, I had to spray paint it just to dull it down.

Her scars were created with a hot glue gun by both applying glue or by using the hot tip to manipulate it.

It took me about seven hours, including the hairdo, to transform her into a Zombie Baby but I really enjoyed myself. I learned a new technique with the glue gun.

I've been getting a lot of comments about how scary she looks and that she's going to give someone nightmares.

Well, then. My job here is done.