Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 15 It's Not How Much You Spend; It's How Much You Save

I am very proud of myself for making it almost half way through these 31 days!

But I don't think my husband is going to be as pleased...

We have a saying around our house that I used as my title for this blog post.

I had placed a bid on another Anthony Castanza Santa and shortly after I place the bid, the seller contacted me and told me that her sister's dog and chewed on it so she took it off eBay. That, and being sniped at the very last second on two Russian Ded Moriz (not that I really needed anymore) was making me feel rather blue. So I searched eBay for some interesting Santas and found some I that appealed to me.

I made offers on four listings and when the seller accepted them, I became the owner of a beau coup of Santas. I realized that if you combined all the Santas I just purchased they would probably be more than the majority of people even use to decorate for the holidays. The funny part is that there was at least one in each lot I really wanted. But after giving it some more thought, and the fact that I was getting them for such a great price, some of the others started to grow on me.

Now, I mentioned previously that I don't collect Santa "dolls "per se, but I do have a few. However, I have had my eye on a certain House of Hatten Santa Figure and today I found one in a lot with three other Santas.

On December 12, 2005, House of Hatten closed up shop after almost 30 years in business. These pieces were already collectibles, and what wasn't snatched up at their big going out of business sale, hit eBay and were going for much more than their original retail prices. Nearly ten years later, these pieces are still winning the hearts of collectors and are selling for top dollar at various auction sites.
I just happened to find this guy by luck because H of H was not mentioned in the title or the description. But I recognize that cute face and jumped right on it!

These size dolls are running anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars.

Not only was I able to purchase the H of H Santa at nearly half of its going price, as a bonus, I get these two other adorable Santas.

Now I know a bit about handcrafted Santas and a bit more about popular Santa artists, but I have to say that I have never seen these before.

I can tell by their style that they are by the same artist, especially by their adorable faces. The fact that their beards are made from Tibetan or Mongolian lamb hair (Yes, they call it hair instead of wool) usually means a higher quality figure but the fake fur is more of a "made in China" finish. Well, most of the artist's reproductions are being made in China and real fur is rather difficult to work with because it does shed.

Regardless, I think these two will be keepers. Unfortunately, the patchwork Santa will have to go in my sell pile.

But there is more...

After I made an offer on the House of Hatten listing, I decided to see what else the seller had available and found these. Well, believe it or not...I have always wanted one of these Santas on a bicycle. I know...right? Except the one I had seen before was much larger. But hey, this guy's proportions will look better with my other figures. Now, the seller said that these were all wood; however, I believe that the one on the bike will have a resin body and the one of the polar bear will be resin as well.

I am rather certain about the polar bear because I have a similar Santa on an elk.

Now why Santa is on an elk, I have no idea, but a polar bear I can believe.

Seriously, I've GOT to dust!

Even this Santa with the sour expression will look great with my other hand carved Santas.

Don't touch that X...there is still more!

I made an offer on this listing because, well, since I was making an offer on the other "dolls" I thought I throw this one in as well.

He appears to be made by the same artist as the other two from the first eBay listing. The quality looks the same. I believe he may have a wool beard, perhaps mohair, and his face appears more chiseled. Regardless, I think he's adorable.

This Santa also came in the lot. Even though I don't collect "figurines" I really like this one and I am glad he was in this lot.

He might be a keeper as well.

He is pretty enough to fetch a good price on eBay.

Now this one might just be a mass produces resin figure for discount stores, but his base resembles another artist's work and could be one from the eighties. I won't know until he arrives in the mail.

This guy and the other Santas are really not my style, but don't worry, I will find them good homes.

And finally...I just had to make an offer on one more lot because...

there is a House of Hatten in there.  See if you can spot him.

Well, I did! Now, I think this guy might be damaged. He probably was holding bells in his hand and his hanger is missing. Don't worry, I know how to fix him.

The other reason I was interested in this lot are the toys. Since I craft Santas I like to have toys to put in their bags and this lot has not only toys, but toys in a bag!

The ceramic sleigh is also not my style, so I'll have to sell it to help pay for all the other pieces.

Selling things on eBay will be my November project!