Saturday, October 11, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 11 I don't collect EVERY Santa!

I am a writer, among other things, and I take the one hour plus drive Bossier City and Shreveport, LA where I attend meetings with a critique group, Romance Writer’s of America, and Sister’s in Crime.

While there in Bossier City and Shreveport, I like to hit a few of the Goodwills and thrift stores in the area. Today, I found a Longaberger basket and the perfect dust ruffle, valance, and pillow shams for my lake house, a couple of  cute things for my house and a very adorable hand carved Folk Art Noah and his Ark.

But sadly, I found no Santas to add to my collection.

Oh, I saw a lot of Santas, but I don’t collect EVERY Santa, which is why I think this is a great topic of my blog.

I went out to my studio and took some quick photos of a few Santas who are looking for a new home.

These were not gifts, I actually bought these, but as my collections change, I trade out.

Collectors can be very discriminating with their taste in their chosen passion. Now, just because I am not artist specific, and collect a variety of styles, this doesn’t mean I prefer just any Santa. So, it is always best, that if someone wants to give me a Santa as a gift, it should really fall into the various styles I collect.  I only have so much room!

Unfortunately, this has rarely happened and I discourage people from giving me a Santa as a gift unless they are observant enough to figure out what Santas I do collect versus those I do not.  What makes me really sad is that my husband and two sons haven’t a clue as to what kind of Santa to buy me even though a portion of my collection surrounds them in our dining room year round.

·      I do not collect dollar, chain craft store, discount super center, or big box store Santas.  
·      I do not collect ceramic Santas, but I do have a few vintage pieces or ones that I painted.  
·      I do not collect other artist’s gourds or cypress knee Santas but I have picked up a couple of small ones. 
·      I do not collect Santa dolls, but I have a few that are mostly vintage (50’s 60’s) rubber faced dolls.
·      I do not collect soft plastic or flocked Santas, but I do collect vintage (50’s to 60’s) hard plastic and celluloid Santas and reindeer.

I prefer name brand Santas (yes, I’m being snobbish) like the House of Hatten and artist’s originals when I can afford them, quality artist’s reproductions (also when I can afford them), and just about any hand-carved Santa.

I just can’t figure out why anyone who has been in my home and, even if they saw only a portion of my collection of which I probably have about a thousand, could not discern the quality of the pieces I do have. I compare it to someone who decorates their entire home in Stickley, and Arts and Crafts style furniture and someone gives them a Queen Anne piece. Hmmmm.
But let me say this…

I am so overwhelmed with joy when someone gives me a gift that says, “I get you, Geri.”  But I really believe that quality time spent with family and friends is truly a precious and graciously received gift.

And I’ve always got room for that!