Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ricky W. Sikes, Jr., A Monroe, Louisiana Artist You Must See!

The other day on my way to rehearsal for Murder, is Served's production of Murder on Oriental Rug, I stopped at Corner Coffeehouse to grab a light dinner. It was around 4:30 so the place was  practically empty except for an attractive young man sitting alone at a long table. I ordered a chicken salad wrap with lettuce and, while filling my proffered styrofoam cup with ice and water from the cola dispenser, I overheard the young man say he was an artist.

I struck up a conversation with him regarding his art and that I, too, am an artist and teacher. He told me that he was also a teacher, having taught talented art and was now teaching at The Upstairs Gallery, a place where I took a class when I was 14 years old.

I collected my wrap and sidled up beside him at the long table where, on his laptop, he showed me his portfolio on his website.

I had a feeling (or had hoped) that this young man's work would impress me. I also had a feeling that his work would be loose and colorful.

I was right and I am impressed with his work.

I have a friend, Jerry Berg, who teaches at Louisiana Tech, who does such amazing photorealistic portraits that you would expect the characters to turn and speak to you as they do in the hall of Gryffindor. 

I love fine portraiture so much that, as an artist, I don't particularly venture into this discipline. The subjects might be willing, but adding my own style and interpretation might not be a lucrative option for me.  However, I have also amassed an unusual collection of other people's portraits that I really love.  I'll have to blog about that later.

But I digress, so, in the meantime...

Ricky W. Sikes, Jr., who studied the art of illustration at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (Denver, CO), applies loose strokes to his color infused subjects capturing moments of genuine expressiveness and casual postures. These colorful characters vary from the very young to a bit more seasoned. If you're looking for an artist to create an original masterpiece of your family or individual portrait, then I encourage you to check out his work on his website and "LIKE" his Facebook page at

Not only does he excel in the art of portraiture, he also creates landscapes and illustrations, as well as a series of abstract photorealistic images that demonstrate his fascinating skill of medium manipulation.

Currently, Ricky Sikes is teaching Beginners Portrait Painting at Upstairs Gallery in Monroe, LA on Thursdays 5-7 PM and his work is can be seen at the Downtown Gallery Crawl.  He is also the Director/Curator of The Big Room Gallery in Monroe, LA. (318-381-2110 or 318-614-6687)