Monday, January 13, 2014

I am a MARSocial "Author of the Year" Competition Finalist!

From Romantic Comedies to Eroticism, from Crime Fiction to Fantasy, from Contemporary Fiction to Science Fiction and one autobiography by a dog named Lynyrd Skynyrd...okay, he had some help...this compilation of genres has proven to be quite a competition. 

MARSocial, in conjunction with Keeran Vaani Creations International Film Producers, has designed a competition that is run by authors for the benefit of all the authors who enter. Excerpts of the participants’ book are shared via friends, family and followers on social media throughout the competition. With well over 200,000 individual Marzian (MARSocial Members) author's book excerpts tweeted and retweeted over a millions times, this competition has provided excellent exposure for all who participated.

I submitted an excerpt from my debut novel, The Kitchen Dance. At the bottom of excerpt, viewers can support their favorite authors by sharing the link on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks. Just click on the highlighted text to read each finalist's excerpt.

In the final stages of the competition; authors’ chapter excerpts are being tweeted to millions of followers around the world in hopes to claim the coveted Ephraim Prize. On February 1st the winner will announced and they could have the chance to have their work turned into a film adaptation by Keeran Vaani Creations.

According to founder of the competition, Joseph Ephraim or “Cap’n Joe” as he is known online, “Our Aim is to give all our Marzian authors who enter this competition as much maximum exposure via the large social media networking sites as we possibly can.

What really makes the competition stand out is that, like no other literary contest I've ever heard of, the authors actually HELP each other to gain more recognition for their hard work. It has been a great experience just being a part of such a supportive community. I'm already a WINNER for just having entered.

WARNING: Some excerpts may have mature content. Prophecy by Lisa Jones

Light of Darkness by Victor Wright

The Harvest by Anne Ferretti 

The Best Laid Plans by James McAllister

With Devils Dwell by Anne Reeve

Awakenings by Hally Willmott

Between Boyfriends by Sarka-Jonae Miller

Someone Else's War by Erin Solaro

The Glasgow Curse by William Lobban

Arousing the Legacy by A.J. Raven

The Realm of the Purple Dragon by Laura Crean

Monsoon Reign by R.C. Fettig

Larkin's Letters by Jax Jillian

Allon's End: Corr Syl the Warrior by Garry Rogers

The Reporter and the Girl MINUS the Superman by S.C. Rhyne

Godonism by Theo Von Cezar

Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul by Linda Hays-Gibbs

To Hide From Death II When Death Comes Stalking 
by Theresa Moretime

Dead Blonde by Beck Robertson

The Brain Exchange by Robin Glasser

When the Chips are Down by Anne Rasico

Arielle: Immortal Awakening by Lillian Roberts

Babylon: Rise of the New Age by Janie E.M. Storer

Second Chances Sammy's Story by Annie Edmonds

Desperate Pursuit in Venice by Karynne Summars

The Danish Pastry by LaRae L. Parry

Leadership by Virtue by Jaro Berce

Xhazul's Box The Rainbow Sphere by Jon Castle

What's Your Name? Life as a Rock 'n' Roll Dog

Suki: What does love really look like? by C.F. Winn

The Dark Citadel by Jane Dougherty

Concealed in my Heart by Regina Puckett

The End of Humanity by Coleman Weeks

One Hot Summer by Ian Barker

Prophecy's Heir by D.J. Ridgeway

Worry is the Darkroom Where Negatives are Developed by Doug Bolton

The Turning by Xao Thao

Dumb Waiters: The Awakening by Kyle Brown and Bailey Johnson

Kerri's War by Stephen Douglass

Destiny's Decision by Lisa Glenn

A Stranger Came Crawling by A.G. Moye

Bertram & Gertrude's Steamy Amsterdam Weekend
by William Frederick

Revelations of Cian by Augusta Fern

Sam, the Superkitty by Marion Lovato

The Genealogist's Guest by Ann Simpson

Upon Your Return by Marie Lavender