Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Walking With The Devil" A Book Review

I was doing research for a book I am writing that involves its own version of "The Code of Silence" when I found Michael Quinn's book "Walking with the Devil".

I purchased the book via Amazon a while back but never had the chance to read it until now. 

My husband and I were having to make several trips to our camp to do some renovation and I thought the one hour drive back and forth would be a good opportunity to read the book aloud so that my husband could enjoy it. 

Once I started, I looked forward to our trips just to get back to this book.

As a new fictional author, I want my books to be as real as possible. "Walking with the Devil" touched on so many areas that I had included in my first few drafts and validated much of what motivated my characters who are both in law enforcement and dealing with an ethical dilemma that will either cost them their jobs or their lives.

I highly recommend Michael Quinn's book to any writer building characters in law enforcement. Not only is his work educational, it is a real page turner, and his own accounts offer much to the fallibility of every man integrity when struggling with ethical decisions in any work environment.

It is pointless for me to reiterate all the great things that have been said in other reviews on Amazon, but I have to agree that this book is a must read for everyone!

Check it out!

Geri G. Taylor
Author of The Kitchen Dance