Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V and other Creative Inspirations

I went to Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, FL (August12-15, 2010) which fueled my creative juices.

I have ALWAYS been a HUGE fan of Star Wars and truly admire George Lucas, one of the creative geniuses of our time.

I passed this love of Star Wars on to my oldest son, Gray, and nourished his interest with a bedroom decorated in all things Star Wars including a loft bed set against a glow in the dark star covered wall paper, posters, and practically EVERY Star Wars action figure, ship, diorama, and micro-machine made by Hasbro.

Ross, my youngest son, got his share with Star Wars LEGO sets.

So, given the opportunity, and with the help of a few days of Phil (my husband and their Dad) working overtime, we pulled together a trip.  Gray is going into this Senior year at high school and will soon lose interest in "family" vacations, so we wanted to make this one extra special.
No Star Wars Celebration would be complete without costumes.  So the week before our trip we started putting together costumes for the boys.

Ross, at first, did not care to dress up, but as the event drew near, he became more inspired.  He is an earlier version of this Galen Marek Sith Apprentice from Star Wars Force Unleashed.
I even let Ross get his hair BUZZED for the occasion.

This was the only image he gave me to go by..

I suppose this guy is like a Pokemon because he morphs throughout the game. (See photo of his stages below)

We asked a friend to fashion the collar out of metal but he never got around to it.  So, at 9PM the night before our early departure out Jackson, MS...I was up sewing a collar out of vinyl and attaching a makeshift restraining bolt made from and aluminum foil jelly sample container that I had saved, God only knows why, because I thought it looked interesting...and after all, I am an artist!  Well, the good Lord must have had a plan to put me through this, still somehow, the collar came out pretty cool and looked almost as nice as some of the other "homemade" costumes the kids were wearing but in NO WAY competed with what the adults had fashioned out of a material called Sintra which is a PVC sheets.that fabricated into just about any shape.

Boy, did I learn A LOT!  I am looking forward to getting my hands on some of this material!  Guess what Ross is going as for Halloween!

Gray took three costumes.  On DAY ONE, he went as Luke Skywalker (Return of the Jedi) which he pretty much assembled himself but it also meant my creating a belt and shoe covers (boots) that were reversible to accommodate his other Jedi costume borrowed from his friend, and independent filmmaker, Matthew Ramsaur.
On Friday, we dressed in matching white T-shirts that featured an image of our license plate I created.  
If you see an '98 White Ford Expedition running around north LA with this license's me!  On the front of our shirts was our Bounty Hunter's Scavenger Hunt's team name "Rogue Squadron".

On the last day, Gray went at Indiana Jones.  Not, as we discovered on DAY ONE, and original idea.  Still, his wardrobe was better than any other Indy we saw.

There is still so much to share!  When I eventually get the 300+ photos and dozens of videos organized, I'll add some photos of the amazing costume show we attended, the wonderful characters we met, and my artistic endeavors helping to create the gigantic Hoth diorama.