Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Fun with Ross But This Time with LEGO Bricks!

If I haven’t said this already, after all it is my favorite quote, “If the Lord meant for me to have it, I’d find it at Rolling Hills”, once again, this quote proves fruitful. I found what an engineer might decipher as a two cubic foot bag full of interlocking bricks and mini-figs at Rolling Hills this past Saturday for a mere $7.55.

By the way, a special thanks to ALL the parents who have grown weary of the LEGO wars and have contributed, by their generous donations of LEGO bricks to Ross’s designing of his weapons of mass destruction for his future career as a Weapons Engineer.
Ross demonstrates his latest WMD.

Having just returned from Star Wars Celebration V, where Ross spent the majority of his time at one of the four LEGO booths, he so wanted to add to his collection of LEGO Star Wars Ships building sets and, if you’re aware of the exorbitant prices for LEGO sets you’ll know how we keep those MIT graduates in the lifestyle of which they’ve grown accustomed, (by the way, Ross wants to be a LEGO designer and spent much of his time at SWCV talking to actual LEGO designers just in case that whole Weapons Engineer thing doesn’t work out) you’ve probably guessed our answer was no.
Approximately ½ of the bag (or 1 cubic foot) of the interlocking blocks were LEGOS and several of the much desired and absolutely adorable mini-figs were Star Wars characters.

One, in particular, BOBA FETT, made the sorting through the less desirable Mega Blocks and TYCO bricks worth the effort. We also added Chewbacca, my favorite, two Lukes, two Old Ben’s (verses new Obi-Wans), a C3-PO, I believe two R2-D2s but Ross dashed off with them along with another astromech droid in a ship he “designed”, along with a wonderful assortment of other mini-figs to our collection.

I just LOVE LEGO mini-figs! I may be a LEGO hoarder.

We are LEGO (and Bionicle, don’t get me started!) purist and I have spent hours sorting through flea market, thrift shops and garage sale finds for LEGO bricks then sent the TYCO bricks and Mega Blocks over to my Mother-in-law’s so Ross can have something to build with when he’s visiting with her.

I tried to organize Ross’s LEGO bricks SEVERAL times but he defeats me EVERY time by dumping my efforts on the playroom floor (now you know why it is over the carport in the barn and NOT a part of my house!) and leaving them their until I go up and have a breakdown about it! Anyway, he has enough LEGO bricks to fill a bathtub and STILL has the nerve to ask me for more!

Did you know you can order specific pieces you need at http://www.bricklink.com? And, although expense per individual piece, for me, it sure beats buying a whole LEGO set so that Ross can build the set one time then tear it apart to design his own creations. You can also sell your LEGO pieces on this site…which may be the way we put Ross through college!

Also, and perfect for those parents who do not wish the discomfort of stepping on those sneaky little bricks embedded in the carpet or who dread the distinctive rattle of LEGO bricks and their hard earned money being sucked up a vacuum hose, there is LEGO Digital Designer at http://ldd.lego.com/ one of Ross’s favorite sites. It has FREE software (Windows PC and Mac OSX) to download but be warned parents! There is a way to PURCHASE the creations you child has so BRILLIANLTLY designed and, believe me, they are very desirable and they don’t come cheap!