Friday, August 20, 2010

Fisher Price Fun with Ross!

After staying up til past midnight the other night watching Adam West Behind the Cowl, a show that he recorded earlier but we still stayed up to watch, I felt I needed to spend some one on one time with Ross.
I stopped by Rolling Hills Ministries while Ross was with his drum instructor and found a big bag of Imaginext to add to the many other Imaginext building toys we have accumulated over the years.

On a separate note:  I suffer from fibromyalgia.  I returned home from our wonderful family vacation exhausted and feeling a bit achy.  I thought a good nap on Tuesday may be just the trick.  However, on Thursday I felt much worse and had severe pain and could barely walk or move around.

Poor Ross, I made him drag the two huge, heavy storage boxes down from the playroom (above the the BARN) and haul them to our living room (in the house, of course).

After four trips to gather some spare parts (and I'm sure there are more pieces) to the playroom, we spent hours constructing three castles, two tree houses, a pirate ship, a police station, fire station, and prehistoric cave...Ross spent the evening before his first day of school in Fisher Price warfare with the help of his Nerf artillery.

Ross, is now twelve, TOO SOON to be thirteen, and I know moments (or hours) like these will are few and becoming fewer every year.

When my two sons grow up, I hope their memories of my fussing (okay, yelling) at them will fade but some of the times I got down on the floor and really played with them will linger just a bit longer.

I truly enjoyed my Creative Daze time with Ross and will leave our battle zone up for the weekend...just in case.