Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, I'm Embarrassed!

I so wanted this blog to be something I kept up daily, but I admit, it is difficult to find the time to blog, especially since I'm so busy being creative.
I am in the Ruston Community Theatre's summer production "The Dixie Swim Club" by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten which will be performed July 28-August 1.  I am sharing the role of Jeri Neal with Linda Griffin who will play the 77 year old character.
I have been busy learning my lines and rehearsing three evenings a week and upholding my responsibilities as assistant director one night a week.  I am also the RCT's headshot and program photographer and that has kept me rather busy making sure all the ladies look their best.
Another creative challenge was to create a photograph featuring the team taken in the early '60's.
It takes more than just cutting and pasting.  I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 on my Dell laptop.  I have CS3 on my iMac but used APE 4.0 because I wanted to just kick back on the sofa with my feet up and watch Leap Year (adorable movie!) while working on this photo. Besides...I'm still learning how to use my iMac. This is the original.
I took several photos of each cast member and matched the characters/actors up accordingly.
The cast photos were in color so I had to remove the color, adjust the size of the face to that of the original photo, brighten and reduce the contrast, then...and this is why our faces merge with that of the original swim teams' face, I altered the transparency of our faces to morph into theirs.

After a little touching up...I believe it made a convincing photo for the poster I will be creating and putting up at the Dixie Center for the Arts Theater in Ruston, LA next week.

But that's another post!