Friday, June 11, 2010

How to set up a BLOG and Other Things That Make You Want to Pull Your Hair Out.

I just spent approximately 12 hours trying to set up this BLOG!

Minutes after I added AdSense…everything went SOUTH.

My computer has been running TERRIBLY slow so recently, in order to clean up my laptop, I put ALL my photography (and I had an insane amount) and most of my documents on my USB. This did not help.

So, after setting up this BLOG with AdSense, I tried to access it and I got the dreaded block box telling me I still had some work to do.

This little “suggestion” got me started on creating my NEW AND IMPROVED laptop and if nothing else came from the hours I spent deleting and downloading… . (I needed an extra dot there) I did end up switching my search engine to Firefox and VOILA, I’m back in business!

So, I guess you can say my CREATIVE DAZE today incorporated technology and I suppose that means I used the “other side of my brain”, and therefore…I am a better person! HA!

At least I can use my creativity to customize my homepage!