Thursday, June 17, 2010

Geri's Gallery of Cast Off Masterpieces "Embroidered Bouquet" and "Madonna and Child Box"

I am still cleaning an organizing my studio for summer classes and I came across these two poor little cast off objects d' art.

The frame this little embroidered bouquet came in was plastic so I simply switched it out with another yard sale find (actually, from the yard sale of a fellow artist...I just LOVE her yard sales!) that I found more befitting the diligent work of the small (3x4) embroidered piece.

The next piece was a 4x6 wooden box that someone decoupaged a Madonna and Child on a background of antiqued green.  The inside had never been finished and the box lacked the structure for the lid to remain in place.

So I used some leftover mottled gold and red mat board and created the sides, bottom and top for the inside of the box and glued them in place.

Then I painted the interior edges of lid and the visible white portions of the mat board gold.

 Okay, so I haven't been doing any original work...but I'm getting there!