Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garage Sales and Other Creative Sources of Acrument

I never had the opportunity to post a creative blog yesterday because I was packing and traveling to Arkansas for a wedding. So, consider this my post for yesterday, Saturday, June 12th. I am writing this from the lobby of the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

I know my Saturday is getting off to an ideal start when a great friend picks me up at 7AM to take me GARAGING (as in to attend a Garage Sale) AND brings me a baggy of sweet cantaloupe and cherries.

According to, GARAGING means to put or store in a garage. But in my vernacular ( Word of the Day June 13th), it means to go in search of purchasing items that others have put in a Garage Sale.

Yarding (as in to attend a Yard Sale) just doesn’t roll off the tongue the way GARAGING (guh-rah-zhing) does. Go on, pronounce GARAGING. Rather nice, don’t you think? It sounds exotic and a bit French. Besides yarding is not recognized by my Microsoft Word spell check…but GARAGING is. Go figure? And yarding conjures up images of weeding, raking, mowing, and sweating. Where GARAGING brings to mind shopping, socializing, and spending very little cash on a car, or in this case, a Suburban, full of goodies!

Linda, my partner in crime, hit the road with the Ruston Daily Leader’s Thursday’s paper in hand. You’ve got to love the RDL’s Thursday edition which includes a general map and short description of where each of the local Garage Sales are located and some of the items for sale. The 50¢ investment is well worth it. Key words in the descriptions generated by the Garage Salors, that are most attractive to the Garage Salees, include Moving Sale, Multi-Family, Too Much to List, and the most attractive word “HUGE”.

Our best deals for the day include Linda’s purchase of 3 solid wood dinette chairs for $10 and my best being a wooden wine box (from Ecuador) filled with 6 gold rimmed seeded glass chargers with 2 matching serving plates and 6 Lenox amber (my favorite glass color) water goblets all for SIX BUCKS!