Sunday, June 13, 2010

Catherine’s Wedding Photos and Other Creative Bridal Gifts

Catherine is a very precious young lady. She is my “daughter by another mother”, my soul sister in dreams and aspirations, and my friend.

As a teen, she wanted to study sociology and be an archeologist and in her college studies takes classes that keep her connected to her dream. She wants to be a writer and has kept a journal for many years. She plans to travel and this is why, when she told me about her plans to marry, I made her promise she would still do everything she could to live out her dreams. She is only twenty and I want so much for her to have a rich and wonderful life and she told me that her new husband is supportive and willing to let her grow.

When I tried to find a special gift for her I found anything that she put on her bridal list for her kitchen or apartment were merely material things that would only encumber her when she did have the opportunity to travel.
I decided the best gift was that of my creative self (and the use of my Nikon D90) to take a series of photos that provided a different angle of her wedding day memories and I hope somewhere in the 487 photos I took, many of which will be deleted (those darn blinkers!), she finds a special image that captures her special day that the professional photographer did not.

Personally, I am very glad I did this. Had I not been walking around annoying people taking “party pix” I would not have met so many of the people who love Catherine as much as I do. I would probably have ended up mingling with those friends and relatives I already knew and listening to my two sons asking when we were going to leave.

The difference between someone with a camera and photographer is that the photographer is not afraid to take dozens of photographs to get that one special look. So, be a PHOTOGRAPHER and take LOTS of photographs and don’t be afraid to delete the bad ones.

And by the way…I did slip some cash in the card I made for her…just in case.