Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I Should Star as Jennifer Lawrence's Mother in a Major Motion Picture!

I recently saw a Facebook post of a friend of mine where a website compared  her image to that of celebrities and Angelina Jolie was chosen as the celebrity she most resembled. 

Okay...not really JUST LIKE HER, but sure. I could see something around the eyebrows, maybe the length of her nose.

So I checked it out for myself by following the link to My True Self and the comparison said that I looked like Jennifer Lawrence.

My Facebook Page Profile Image is of my book instead of me,
but there are other photos of me posted on my page.

I would NEVER have guessed Jennifer Lawrence! Don't get me wrong, I really like Jennifer and I believe that she is a very beautiful and talented actress and I have enjoyed watching her career take off since the first time I saw her in "Winter's Bone". 

Still, I could not understand where the website came up with that comparison.

That was until I found a photo of her with brown hair.

So, now I'm thinking sure...in the right lighting, etc., I could at least play her mother, although I look nothing like her actual mother.

This is a photo of Jennifer and her mom.

But I thought I'd throw this photo of me in for fun. 
This is me the night I met my husband, Phil.

Love the tan and the PERM!

Of course, photos of Jennifer Lawrence are easy to find. Finding photos of me at that age...well, that is another story.

Rarely was there a camera around, but I have to thank my friend, Tracy. She always came prepared and it is because of my friendship with her since college, there is some recorded history of my existence.

Still, having gone through photos, I do see some similarities.  

But I see some significant differences as well. I've got crazy arching brows and she's got smoother straight brows. We've both got wide smiles, but my upper lip has more prominent points. My hairline is little more squared off where her's is more rounded and where we both have rosy cheeks, mine is a little tighter than hers.

The funny thing is that I am usually compared both in looks and my acting to Kathy Bates.

So I was surprised when her image didn't show up when I did the comparison.

Another actress that I have been compared to that might strike you as a bit of a stretch is Joan Crawford.

Oh, well!

I guess when people say that I look familiar...I probably do!

To check out more about what celebrity you most resemble check out this post What Celebrity Do You L@@K Like? and find out for yourself.

In the meantime...HELLO, HOLLYWOOD?