Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 9 Days Nicol Sayre, Another Fabulous Santa Claus Artist

Much like Dee Gann's designs, Nicol Sayre's Santas and other exquisite figures have been licensed by the mass market industry (in her case ESC Trading Company) to make them more affordable for people like me who cherish their talent, but don't have the budget to procure their originals.

Even though there is still a chance to purchase one at a very reasonable price on eBay, I am simply tapped out.
Available on eBay
My mother said something to me today that was rather disheartening. She said that maybe the reason so many fine collectible Santas are selling as such low prices is because no one is collecting Santas right now...and that we (Americans) are letting go of Christmas.

Of course we can blame the economy, but even during the depression era, war, and the most dire times in our country, people pulled together to celebrate in some way.

So, I recommend that we (Americans) no let go of the things you love just yet!

If you do even a quick search on the internet, you'll find people are still collecting and/or using the things they love to adorn their homes to ring in Christmas!

Traditions Year Round Holiday Store
By all means, give us Santa artists a chance to keep on making a living do what we love!

Check out some other Santa artists at The Santamakers Guild and while you're at it...check out Nicol Sayre's blog! There maybe something in there you'll want to add to your collection.