Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 2 Days A Visit from Wilderness Santa and His Wolf

In case you missed my post about creating your own Heirloom Santa, here's another idea to get you started or keep you going.

In keeping with my tradition to constantly be adding things to my Santas, I thought this rugged guy just needed something.

For a while I had him holding a doll, but the doll just did not go, so she's been passed on to another Santa.
I purchased this Santa off eBay earlier this year. I would not have thought a wilderness Santa would appeal to me or go with my decor, but there was just something in his eyes.  Now, with addition of his wolf friend, he looks likes he's got a purpose!

Then I found a Ganz Webkinz Signature Endangered Species Red Wolf at my favorite place to shop Rolling Hills Ministries Thrift Store. He just spoke to me, and for a whopping fifty-five cents (worth almost 10x that on eBay!), I answered his call, OOOOWWWoooo!

If you either watch or have read "Game of Thrones", this wolf is about the size of direwolf in proportion to this Santa, so I've named him Ned.

I felt that my Santa needed a little bit more added to him to make him an Heirloom Santa for my collection and decor, so I've added a birchbark birdhouse (originally and ornament that I glued to stick, and a comical crocheted or knitted reindeer ornament.