Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 49 Days Breakfast with Barry Belcher! This and a cup of coffee (or two) will jump start your creativity.

If you haven't met Barry Belcher, it is time you do!

I came across one Barry's videos on YouTube while searching the web for ideas others have shared on decorating for the holidays.  I spent the next hour watching video after video.

Originally, I was waiting to add him to my blog on December 1st, but since his "vlog" includes some clever decorating ideas for Thanksgiving, I thought I'd get you hooked on him as soon as possible.

Prepared to be entertained!

My friend, Karen, and I share a philosophy, "The smaller the budget, the greater the creativity."

I feel Barry is a kindred spirit.

As I ATTEMPT to prepare for the "Santa" season, I am still working on swapping out Halloween with Thanksgiving decor.

I just love these foam plastic Jack-O-Lanterns and have added to my collection over the past few years.  Usually, the bases are draped with burlap, black tulle and spider webs. My son decorated this year and didn't want to put forth that extra bit of effort.

photo coming is pouring down rain today.

Makes me wonder why I bother.

Halloween 2009 
Twinkle lights tucked beneath the tulle helps light the way for Trick-or-Treaters and the Jack-O-Lanterns' individual bulbs are replaced with battery operated tea lights because I don't want to do the whole octopus thing with the cords.

photo coming soon, it is pouring down rain today.

So, once Halloween is over, a quick about face, and now we are ready for "Turkey" Day!

photo coming is pouring down rain today!

Steph McCrombie, Photographer

Occasionally, I pick up a Jack-O-Lantern from a thrift shop or garage sale that I already have. No problem, just a few well placed slices with an Exact-O knife and Voila, I have a new expression.

photo coming is pouring down rain today!