Sunday, November 9, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: 45 Days Primitive Santas

For this post, I return to my favorite resource, eBay, for my inspiration and for images to share with my readers.

I actually like primitive Santas a great deal, but I very few in my collection Primitive Art is known as a form of "un"educated artwork.

If I did have a collection, or a rustic home or cabin to display them in, I would stick to the more serious, minimalist Santas, or those with a flair for something that looks like it stepped out of a Tim Burton film.

How fun to have a group of matching Santas to share with those who come bearing gifts.

Some come with a hefty price.
The frustrating thing about searching for primitives on eBay is that you get so many hits for "patterns'; however, if you subtract patterns from your search, you will miss out on a lot of clever Santas.
Many celebrate American
The possibilities for creating and collecting primitive Santas are boundless and, because most are made of fabric, very durable.

This one is ready to go!
Typically one does not find a great deal of dimension on the face of a primitive Santa, but this artist has managed or give this one a lot of personality.

This is a pattern.

It never fails that I spot a primitive Santa on eBay that I like, but the auction is only for the pattern.

This artist created a Santa on a spring.

Below are mass produced "primitive" Santas.  I added this photo because I thought it made a nice composition.
Multiple Santas in a box or basket makes and eye catching center piece and great gifts for your guests.

Some just make you smile.

And then there's this guy...
Where traditional Santas figures and ornaments are more my thing, that does not mean I don't enjoy looking at all the imaginative Santas artists have created. So, as I like to say, "Everyone is an artist. You just have to find  a way to express yourself." and these cleaver Santas are proof that someone out there is doing what they love. 

Seriously ? How can you not love to create Santas?