Thursday, October 9, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 9 Buying Santa Claus Collectibles through Online Auctions

Day 9

I realized today that it is very difficult to talk about my Santa collection if the majority of my Santas are packed away.  So, I've been doing some online shopping; mostly on eBay.

I'm always on the search for interesting Santas to add to my collection, and this afternoon I gave an unusual Santa a ride in my shopping cart around Rolling Hills Ministries Thrift Store, then I decided I really couldn't fit him with my other Santas, so I left him there for someone else to enjoy.

I did find a photo of him on eBay (I've added the links to the auctions on each image) and discovered there are more like him.

I do collect a lot of chalk ware Santas cast from vintage chocolate molds, but this jolly fellow, albeit very cute, would clash with my more vintage 50's and 60's or folk art style collection.

Here are some others I found on eBay. You should check them out. The starting bid is very reasonable or you use can buy it now with free shipping.

I also like to shop at Goodwill and have recently been bidding on a few things (not just Santas) on their auction site. I have found a lot of great art. I love collecting original paintings, etc. and pick up a lot of great pieces at Goodwill. I am rather amazed at the number of very pricey art they have on their site.  But I digress. They also have a great collection of Santas.

I strongly suggest you know your Santas before bidding because many of the titles and descriptions can be misleading. For example, (not to pick on Goodwill, because eBay sellers do it as well) this Santa is described as a Hand Carved Santa Claus Statue w/ Gifts, but as you can see in the photo, he is clearly made of resin.

Typically I don't collect teapots or coffee pots, but I think this cross-collectible Santa Claus coffee pot is a very nice piece. 

Don't forget to do searches under Santa's other names like St. Nick or Nicholas. I found this figure from The Legend of Santa Claus series under a search for "St. Nick".

I used to collect The Legend of Santa Claus by United Design, and had a few of the larger pieces that featured animals. These Santas have the most beautiful eyes. 

When I moved to Ruston, LA, my new home did not have the space to display all my Santas, So I sold these large pieces but I ended up buying more (smaller) Santas. because that's what I have to do. 

Another thing to consider when bidding on is the cost of shipping. They charge a lot for shipping plus they add a handling charge that varies from item to item. Fortunately, if you purchase more than one item from the same store, they will combine shipping.

Update: October 22, 2014

I was JUST at my favorite store, Rolling Hills Ministry Thrift Store, and I found this Santa for fifty-five cents.

He's a cute but rather large ornament, and his missing ski-pole can easily be reproduced.

Then, while mindlessly searching through Santas on eBay. I find this...

Just a reminder that you shouldn't let the price some seller "set" make you think something is more collectible.