Friday, October 24, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 24 Dee Gann Santas...How can I resist?

Do you recall in my recent post Buying Collectible Santas Through Online Auctions PART DEUX Another Bad Experience, I told about a seller, unhappy that his auction sold for their low starting bid, cancelled out our transactions and resist the items that I had won fair and square.

I also mentioned in that blog how fortunate I was in retrospect to have found such a beautiful Santa for less than what I would have paid for just the padded shipping of those auctions.

Then, I was searching eBay for Santa's in auctions that were ending soon, and with less than three minutes left, I came across this handsome fellow. 

The starting bid was very reasonable, and I was so tempted to bid on him but I really don't collect Santas doing things other than delivering toys, etc. So, I decided to let him go to someone who would love to have him i their kitchen. Come to think about it, maybe I WOULD love to have him in my kitchen! Hmmmm


With him comes this card that says he was designed by Dee Gann.

I was not familiar with the artist, so I did a little Google search and was I delighted when images of gorgeous Santas filled my screen. Dee Gann is truly and artist extraordinaire whose work is highly collectible and her designs are sought after by companies like House of Hatten and Raz.

I know what your thinking...Dee Gann was a designer for House of Hatten and Geri did not know about her? 

Well, I usually collect the Denise Calla and other ornaments. Early this year, I acquired my first H of H Santa figure and recently I purchased another through eBay.

If you love beautiful Santas with incredible attention to detail, I suggest you visit Dee Cann's website and LIKE her Facebook page at Dee Gann Santas. Her one of kind Santas are fashionable dressed and loaded with antique or custom made toys.

Finally, I'd like to add this. I was curious about the Santa I'd purchased (the one pictured at the beginning of the blog) and I saw where Dee has a Guest Book on her website and I sent her a message asking if my Santa was one of her designs and about another one I had purchased. 

She replied on the same day and said that my Santa was one that she had designed but the other Santa I asked about was not.  

I can really appreciate the effort and passion she puts into her work and I am so pleased that she found the time to respond when I know how busy she is this close to Christmas. 

She also sent this photo for me to post on my blog.

If you are looking for a spectacular gift or family heirloom, I suggest you visit Dee Gann's website and consider one of her Santas. I read a comment from a very pleased customer who was complementing Dee for the Santas she had dressed in her daughter's coat. Talk about heirlooms!

If there was ever a Santa artist I'd wish to aspire to, it would be Dee. I have been collecting toys and vintage fabrics for years. With my recent purchase of fresh Cernit and cold porcelain to work with...and don't forget the eyes...I'm looking forward to some serious Santa crafting!

The only problem, I don't know how I could part with them.

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