Saturday, October 18, 2014

31 DAYS of SANTA CLAUS Day 18 Dusting Santas

I have been following a fellow 31 Dayer,  Lara, and her blog 31 Days of Less Clutter and More Peace. I enjoy having my morning cup of tea and reading her daily post.

This is a bit ironic being that I seem to thrive on clutter, it is the sustenance that inspires me, but I really like a lot more when it is organized.

While taking photos of my Santas for this blog, I discovered how terribly dusty my Santas had become. Usually, at the beginning of November, I start the process of dusting the Santas I display year round. I have a cabinet in the foyer specifically for my chalkware Santa collection and on the top, I display some of the Santas I have made.  I have a few on shelves in my dining room, but most are either in the china cabinet or on top of it. In the house alone, I have over 100 Santas on display.

I really dread it this year because I have been dropping things lately. It might be my getting older, my arthritis, or if I am distracted, I am more likely to drop something. It is really frustrating since most of the Santas I keep on display year round are fragile...and expensive.

Sometimes I would like to sell all of my collection, but then I probably just collect something else.

I got as far as opening the china cabinet door, took one look at all the work I had in store, realized I was tired from waking up this AM with a severe migraine and did not want to risk dropping I took a nap instead.

Now, at 11:15 in the evening, I look over and that cabinet door is still open. Well, I guess the least I could do is close it before I go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.