Friday, December 31, 2010

Creative Gift Giving and Other ways to get the best Holiday Photos!

My son, Ross, has been wanting a set of double kick pedals for his bass drum but did not request them for Christmas. We had already spent a bundle on a huge Star Wars Lego set with 1758 pieces and I was looking for some things to fill their nesting boxes...a little Christmas tradition in the Taylor household.  Every year I divide up the 10 boxes between the boys and tie them up with two different color ribbons (one for each son) then tell them which color is theirs on Christmas day.
I have taken photos of Ross standing by these nesting boxes for the past few years.

Then, call it a Christmas miracle, I actually found a gently (if you can use that term in percussion speak) used pair on craigslist for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, the double kick pedals were way too large to fit in even the largest of the nesting boxes so Phil (my husband) decided to take off one piece that would fit and just wrap that.

What happened on Christmas morning made for some interesting photography and fond Christmas morning memories.
He finds the piece in the largest of the nesting boxes.
We ask him if he can figure out what it is.
Then after several agonizing minutes and failed guesses, his Dad gave in and went to retrieve the REST of the gift from the closet.


I just love the look on his face!

I think he is pleasantly surprised!
And that's what makes great Christmas memories.