Monday, November 22, 2010

Decorating for the Holidays and Other Reasons to Hoard

I have been collecting Corn Husk Scarecrows and the likes for many years.  I only collect the ones with the corn faces (many of the contemporary ones have fabric over Styrofoam faces) and I have rarely, if EVER, paid over $2 for any one of them.  There is a certain thrill to coming across one at a garage sale or thrift shop.  They stay tucked away 11 months of the year, along with my other Halloween decor, then make their charming appearance on my mantle or buffet for the month of October.  I just love their little faces.  There is something about a bunch of cute little faces that can't help but make you smile!

Another element of my Halloween Hoard are crows...dolls, scare "crows" and other objects d' art featuring crows.

Years ago I picked up a few more Scarecrows at an after-Halloween sale (75% off probably), a needlepoint harvest scene from a garage sale (another cast-off masterpiece) and when I added one of my original batiks " Indian Corn", that created a festive fall mood I have used in some combination over the years. 

A pierced tin cat (originally off white, now painted black) who holds a votive candle giving of an eerie glow sat on the hearth with a wonderful old harvest basket (I found at a garage sale for 50 cents) and a couple of pumpkin baskets.  
However, some of my favorite "faces" glow on Halloween night from a collection of Jack o' Lanterns that flank my front entry.
But too soon passes the month of October!  

However, I have a stash of Thanksgiving decor to swap out with the jolly Jacks.
This year I added deer antlers (a gift to me from a friend in Del Rio, TX over 10 years ago) into my fall decor using the same basket as background over my television cabinet.  The silk leaves are cheap and pitiful (a Rolling Hills find from last year) but the colors are perfect!  And as soon as I find a better solution...they'll just have to do.
On my mantle is a wonderful old turkey print in a handsome barn wood frame.  I found the stained and dingy framed print at an antique store for only $15 and paid another $70 just to have it cleaned, matted and put back in its frame.   It was still a great deal for the quality of the old print. 
Another "hoard" I have amassed is one of wooden candlesticks.  A similar rule applies (the cheaper, the better) and for less than a couple of bucks a piece, I have quite a large collection.  
Even though a local decorator said colored candles were out and white candles are in, I disagree.  I LOVE colored candles and can always find some at my favorite haunts (garage sales, thrifts stores, and of course, Rolling Hills) that reflect the colors of the season.

So, have fun, as I have, decorating for the fall holiday season, and with any luck, I will post a blog soon on my Christmas decor!  
Did I mention I collect Santas?