Friday, June 25, 2010

Geri's Gallery of Cast Off Masterpieces "Cool Waters"

"Cool Waters" is most likely an acrylic painting on a 12x16 canvas by Lillie Bunch.  It had a few damaged spots where the paint was chipping off.  This is probably why it was a cast off piece of art that I salvaged from my favorite place to shop, Rolling Hills, which is a disaster relief ministry thrift shop. I framed it a few years ago in a lovely wood frame that was already painted gold.  The chipping continued to be a problem, so I tackled it by applying a clear matte gesso over the entire piece and a second coat over the troublesome areas.

In these photos...the gesso is still wet.

I touched up the damaged areas with acrylic paint.

I finished by applying a gloss glaze over the entire painting.