Friday, June 25, 2010

Geri's Gallery of Cast Off Masterpieces "Hot Flowers"

When I bought this oil or acrylic (I have yet to figure out how to tell them apart) on a 5x7 masonite board by Lomong for $2.55 (+tax) at Rolling Hills (AKA New to Me!) I was not crazy about the frame.
It had several dings and needed some touch up work but what I did not like was the way it overwhelmed the small painting.
At first I thought I would simply trim it out in a yellow gold.
I ended up adding a red that matched the red in the pink flowers and a dark green.

Then I flicked some black paint over the entire frame, sprayed it with a matte finish, coated it with an antiquing gel, and then a gloss finished.

Now I feel the frame works well overall.